Locs By Nature Salon, LLC is your local Certified Dreadlocks hairstylist! 

To be a Hair model please submit info below to models@locsbynature.com

Locs By Nature Salon, LLC is looking for previous customers to be our models to let us take pics and video of your hairstyle of our choosing that we will do free of charge. The videos will be on youtube, print ads, social media, any kind of public advertising used for the salon purposes. 

We are looking for all ages, all dreadlocks hair textures and locs with color or willing to do color. 

* This is not a paying gig/job. You will receive Loc maintenance and hairstyle free of charge for us to take photo/videos of you.

1. Your name, phone number/email
2. Pic of you and your hair
3. Are you available up to 8hrs Sunday March 26th 2017 10am-6pm?
4. your shirt size
5. do you have color? or want color? what color would you like?
6. females: can you wear earrings?
7. females/ Males: can you wear loc hair jewelry?

* you can copy and paste this list in your email body to answer questions.

Dreadlocks Hair Models Needed

LAST CALL Entry Deadline 2/24/17

Dreadlocks Hair Models Needed



First we will style your hair , then we will take pic/ videos of you/your hair . This entire process could take up to 8hrs Sunday March 26th 2017 10am-6pm. We ask our females if they have a ethnic pattern dress or shirt that would be great, but if not a white and black tee, also a halter top if you have one with black legging will be fine. For our men we ask you to have a plain white and black tee and blue jeans  Please make sure clothing is clean and ironed. We will provide accessories and clothing with our logo during shoot. Photo shoot location is in Landover, MD at 4D Arts Studios.  Lunch will be provied.