1/14/16******thank you for all your donations and tips it helps us move to a bigger, private and clean hair salon suite. pics and videos coming soon! 

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 As a young entrepreneur I am looking to raise funds for my new salon and I am asking for donations from you to help with my expansion of my business. My goal is to raise $10,000 dollars. However, any contribution from YOU will be a BLESSING for me.

Thank you for your support and I hope you will become a client at Locs By Nature Hair Salon.   




Hello, my name is Nikki and I am a Natural Hair Stylist/Loctician. I was born and raised in the Washington Metropolitan area and my family has been in this area for over 60 years. When I am not doing hair, I am at home relaxing with my beloved dog Goldie, texting, talking or e-mailing my family and friends. Also, I love reading books, and magazines about the latest techniques in hair locking and hair care. I have been wearing dreadlocks since 2002 and I love this hair art. I have been doing my own hair, perfected many styles and receive numerous compliments from people who have seen me out and about with my hair creations. After testing a variety of careers, hair locking was the one I enjoyed most.


I completed my training at Everettes’s Natural Hair & Beauty School and Salon and now I am reading to PUT MY FINGERS IN YOUR HAIR and create a style just for you. As a part of your hair experience, I will be using products that I have already used on my customers and my own hair to keep the scalp and hair healthy. Maintaining the natural beauty and texture of your hair is very important. So, Locs By Nature Hair Salon is the place to come to. Oh, and by the way I also do braids.

updated 7/19/17
I would like to thank everyone for there patience when all the tragedy happen in my life all at once, I thought my world had end and I just wanted to be with my lost loved ones. I was able to pull it together to come back to continue to provide great service. I worked very hard to start this salon and I know this would make him happy to continue my dreams. If you would like to know what happen click link below

​FOR MORE INFO AND TO SUPPORT HER, YOU CAN VIEW THEIR GOFUNDME STORY.  https://www.gofundme.com/the-slyes-memorial-recovery-fund?pc=sms_db_co2876_v1

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